A Pac Man clone I had to make for a class within 1 week.

The birds are edited from a bird pixel provided on the public domain.

Made withUnity


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AAAahhhh such a cute bunny! But... wouldn't the game work better in a tile-based sort of sense? The bunny can sometimes clip through walls.

Yes, I wanted it to be really fluffy! And thanks for the critique, I used a script I previously used for another project and didn't realize it wasn't the best movement until it was too late. Either way, thank you for taking time out of your day to play the game!

It was my pleasure :)

Not a bad version. There's a neat visual style to it and I like how the music has a consistent theme going on in both the menu screens and the game itself. The cage at the centre seems a bit pointless, since you can't eat the enemies, the carrots make you faster instead.

If you're interested, you could maybe enter our game-making contest!

Thanks for the feedback! 

I'll consider joining!

Okay, thanks for considering!