A simple demo testing 2D side-scrolling in Unity using assets I made for a class within 1 week.

Press Shift to run.

Made withUnity


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Not a bad demo. The animation is smooth and the background and character sprites are nice. Would be great for a horror-type side-scroller

I would love to expand on this really short game into a horror-type side scroller! Perhaps someday, once I'm done with all my classes... Thanks for playing!


I'm assuming this is using Unity's OpenWebGL since player is no longer supported? C#?

I think so!

Looks well-made and the selection of visuals show good taste. If you're planning on making more of this, you're welcome to join our game making contest!

Thank you so much! I'll consider joining!

Alright, thanks!

Of all these short internet gems, yours makes me the most hopeful for the future of games. I really believe you gave this walk great atmosphere. With some development, I truly believe you could have something great for Halloween, or the Fall, or whatever you intend to so with it, if anything. Best wishes in your studies!

Hi HaydenRaven, thank you so much for playing it! Glad you liked what little I had, lol. I hope I can expand on this game eventually!